industrial valves

Overview of different types of industrial valves
A mechanical device used for the regulation of the liquid or gas flow is called an industrial valve. For proper and smooth functioning, they need to be robust and must be able to manage high pressure. These devices are designed in such a way that they work well even in adverse conditions.

Based on functionality, the industrial valves are categorized in various forms.  Let us take a look at different types of industrial valves:

Insight into the types of industrial valves:

There are numerous kinds of industrial valves from which a few common types are mentioned below. You can easily purchase these products from the store of a reputed Dealer, Distributor & Supplier of Industrial Valves:

  • Gate valves have a channel that opens and closes with the help of a gate. These on/off valves have simple operation and they are available at a reasonable price. These valves have fewer parts as compared to other valves and they are mostly used in the water industry.
  • Butterfly valves come with a channel and disc-shaped paddle which opens or obstructs the channel by its movement. These valves are usually used in large volume operations and they can be controlled easily with remote actuators.
  • Ball valves have valve housing and a perforated ball and these days you can find one more version of these valves which are known as segmented ball valves which have more control over flow rates.
  • The globe valves which come with an S-shaped channel can modulate the flow better than other valves. Some of the globe valves have interchangeable inner parts and these valves can restrict flow better as compared to some other valves.

Get to know about the benefits of industrial valves

Industrial Valve is designed to control the flow of fluids within a system. This rich-featured mechanical device is used in various industries such as Oil and Gas, Water treatment plants, Power industry, and more. The key features due to which it is widely acclaimed are as follows

  • The manufacturing cost of the industrial valve is low,
  • Have compact design,
  • Made with premium-grade materials,
  • Easy-to-operate and reliable,
  • Not obstruct the fluid flow,
  • Require no lubrication,
  • Highly efficient,
  • Low maintenance,
  • Minimal leakage, etc.

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