1047 Bronze Asbestos Packed Water Level Gauge (Screwed)

1047 Bronze Asbestos Packed Water Level Gauge (Screwed)

Salient Features
  • Screwed Male End to BSP.
  • Asbestos Gland Packing.
  • Set available for both, Right Hand and Left Hand operations.
  • Polished Body.
Test Pressure (Hydrostatic) :
  • Shell : 21.10 kg/cm²g (300 psig)
  • Seat : 10.55 kg/cm²g (150 psig).
  • Maximum Working Temperature : 225°C


P.No.Name of PartMaterial of ConstructionSpecificationQuantity
1PlugBronzeIBR 282 (a) (iv) Gr. B1
2GasketSteam Jointing SheetIS 2712 Gr. W/31
3Lock NutBronzeIBR 282 (a) (iv) Gr. B2
4GasketSteam Jointing SheetIS 2712 Gr. W/32
5Upper ArmBronzeIBR 282 (a) (iv) Gr. B1
6Gland PackingGraphite AsbestosIS 4687
7GlandBronzeIBR 282 (a) (iv) Gr. B2
8Gland NutBronzeIBR 282 (a) (iv) Gr. B2
9Glass Tube*Toughened Glass– – –1
10Lower ArmBronzeIBR 282 (a) (iv) Gr. B1
11GasketSteam Jointing SheetIS 2712 Gr. W/31
12Drain ValveBronzeIBR 282 (a) (iv) Gr. B1
13Lock NutBronzeIBR 282 (a) (iv) Gr. B1
14HandleBronzeIBR 282 (a) (iv) Gr. B1
15HandleBronzeIBR 282 (a) (iv) Gr. B2
16Union NutBronzeIBR 282 (a) (iv) Gr. B1
17Tail PipeBronzeIBR 282 (a) (iv) Gr. B1
18Lock NutBronzeIBR 282 (a) (iv) Gr. B2
19Bottom NutBronzeIBR 282 (a) (iv) Gr. B2
20Bottom NutBronzeIBR 282 (a) (iv) Gr. B1

Material Diagram

Sizes / Dimensions

Size (Inches)Size (mm)A