With 90°Electric Actuator 2-Way Ball Valve in Plastic Body with 90° Electric Actuator.

Product Specifications

Max. fluid temp See Pressure-Temperature Chart
Type EA-21 & EA-50 : Motorised to Open or Motorised to close
Manual Override Manual Override is standard, to open or close the Valve, in case of power failure. For other details of actuator, please refer to leaflet EA-21/EA-50
ACTUATOR AVCON Model EA21/EA-50 Geared Actuator, Motorised to Open or Motorised to Close, has 2-nos. Limit switches, to disconnect electric supply at each end of travel. Also can be set to change various degree of opening of valve, to suit individual requirement. The actuator can be further fitted upto with additional 2-nos. Limit switches and feed back potentiometer.
Max. Temperature 60°C
Electric Voltage Supply 230V 50Hz A.C. Supply (± 10%)
Note Other body material available in PVDF., While asking for offer – please specify name of the line fluid, pressure, temperature, flow in M3/hr, end connections details, supply voltage, hertz and any optional features and accessories required.