9230E/9232E 2/2 Way

9230E/9232E 2/2 Way

Diaphram Type
    2/2-Way Semi Pilot, Diaphragm Type, Solenoid Valves. Normally Closed, Energised To Open.

Product Specifications


10mm (3/8”) to 50mm (2”).

Construction Body

Upto 20mm (3/4”) Brass forged IS 6912, above in SS ASTM A351 Gr.CF8 or CF8M.

Temperature of Fluid

-5°C to 80°C

Coil Insulation & Temperature

Ambient upto 42°C,Class ‘H’ insulated upto 155° C.


Air, Water, Gas , Vacuum, light and heavy oil, mild corrosive fluid, etc.

Sales Point

High volume flow, low pressure application-Only normally closed design available.


Use Of Filter In The Inlet Side Is Highly Recommended

End Connection

Standard-G-ISO-228 (BSP-F), Optional – NPT


Standard -Nitrile (Buna‘N’), Optional -Neoprene, Viton, EPDM.

Differential Pressure

0 to 6 bar

Coil voltage

Standard – 230-volts, 50Hz. AC. Optional – 24,110, 240 V DC & AC 50Hz or 60Hz.

Coil Rating

Continuously rated.


Standard-General purpose IP-20, Optional-Waterproof upto IP-67, Flameproof round coil upto FLP IIC.

Optional Feature

Manual override(BOTTOM)


Gas burning equipments, autoclaves, oil centrifuge plants, vacuum plants. Pump seal water application, low pressure water circulation system, solar heating system, gas generator and others.