9360D/9362D & 9360E/9362E 3/2 Way

9360D/9362D & 9360E/9362E 3/2 Way

Poppet Type
    3/2-Way Pilot Operated, Poppet Type, Solenoid Valves. Normally Closed, Energised To Open, Normally Open, Energised To Close.

Product Specifications


6mm (1/4”) to 35 mm (1 1/2”)

Construction Body

Standard-Aluminum bar stock, deep anodised -1/4” to 1 1/2”.’ Optional-Brass 1/4” to 1.

Temperature of Fluid

-5°C to 80°C., Standard-230-volts, 50Hz AC. Optional – 24,110, 240 V DC & AC 50Hz or 60Hz.

Coil Insulation & Temperature

Ambient upto 42°C. Class ‘H’ insulated upto 155°C.


Lubricated and non-lubricated air, non-corrosive gas, (with modification-light oil).


For operating Diaphragm valves, Single acting cylinders, clutches, single acting rotary actuators, textile processing machinery, compressor loading and unloading, for automation of any type.

End Connection

Standard-G-ISO-228 (BSP-F), Optional – NPT


Standard-Nitrile (Buna ‘N’), Optional-Viton, Neoprene

Differential Pressure

2 to 10 bar.

Coil Rating

Continuously rated.


Standard-General purpose SQ. moulded coil upto IP-20, Optional-Weatherproof SQ. moulded coil upto IP-67, Flameproof coil upto FLP IIC.

Optional Feature

External pilot fluid.

Sales Point

Heavy duty, reliable valve for multimillion operations, lockable -resettable manual override as a standard feature.


Use Of Filter In The Inlet Side Is Highly Recommended