Class 150, 300, Full/Reduced Bore, 2 Piece, Flanged Ends design

Class 150, 300, Full/Reduced Bore, 2 Piece, Flanged Ends design

Key Features
  • The product design confirms to all major international standards like  ISO 17292 / ASME B16.34 / IBR with reliable sealing & sturdy construction to ensure excellent performance.
  • Standard ISO Top pad & mounting dimensions – to suit direct mounting of actuator.
  • Double body & stem seal design.
  • 100% interchangeability of parts.
  • Quick availability of spares.
  • Gear / Electrical / Pneumatic operator can be provided if required.
  • Valves are available in flange end & butt weld end connections (other end connections can be provided on request).
  • Locking arrangement can be provided if required.
  • Special material available on request.

The IV range of floating valve incorporates unique design features to provide a rugged construction, reliable operation and long service life. It is suitable for normal to most demanding applications covering wide segment of process industries such as chemical, petrochemical, pharma, steel, alumina, power plants and common utilities. An ideal valve for the flow isolation and ON / OFF duty.

IV Ball valves come with double body & stem seal to ensure reliable sealing. Valves can be provided with special features like, Locking arrangement, Special cleaning for oxygen service, Extended stem / bonnet, Vacuum service, Jacketing, Fire safe construction etc.

Valves can be provided with Gear box / Pneumatic actuator / Electric actuator wherever required.

Applicable standards

Design & Manufacturing Std.
Pressure & Temp Rating
Face to Face & End to End Dimensions
Flange Ends
Butt Weld Ends
Fire Safe
ISO Top Mounting
API 6D /ISO 17292 / ASME B 16.34 / IBR / CE
ASME B 16.34
ASME B 16.10
ASME B 16.5
ASME B 16.25
EN 12266-1 (BS-6755-1) / API 598
API 607 / API 6FA
ISO 5211

Material Diagrams

Sizes / Dimensions