Electrical Actuator

Electrical Actuator

Electrical rotary actuators, in Series ELS / EL / ELQ Models for on/off the application and modulating applications. Manual Override facility available as an option.

Applicable standards

Type Elomatic Actuators
Torque range 18Nm to 2500 Nm
Protection Class Weather proof / Ex- proof

Electrical Rotary Actuators

EL Actuators ELS Actuators ELQ Actuators
EL actuators use worm and worm-wheel reduction gearing to provide
tight positioning control and the self locking feature necessary for
controlling larger valves, particularly butterfly typ
A compact, robust range of Electric Actuators. Especially designed for
small two and three way ball valves and similar drives requiring 900
or 1800 of rotation from a single phase or DC, electrical supply
Series ELQ electric Actuators are powerful, quarter turn units with five
sizes covering the torque range from 100Nm to 800Nm.