General Purpose Rubber Lined Butterfly Valves

General Purpose Rubber Lined Butterfly Valves

Key Features
  • Unique triple sealing system for shaft sealing, eliminates any fugitive emission or secondary leakage.
  • Self  lubricated PTFE lined bearings for both drive end and non-drive end shaft ensures minimum bearing friction torque.
  • Seat liner extending on to the flange contact faces, eliminates the need for separate flange gaskets during installation.
  • Controlled compression of the gasket face to offer optimum sealing & prevent gasket face crushing failure.
  • Bi-directional valve with tight shut off sealing capability to hold vacuum to rated pressure in either direction.
  • Excellent adaptability for actuated operation through standardised top flange mounting dimensions for actuator fitment.
  • Suitability for ON /OFF as well as throttling duties.
  • Choice of seat and disc materials to suit media conditions and service requirements.
  • Adaptability to fit between companion flanges of all popular flange standards for the wafer style body.
  • Possibility of lower seat rating to obtain reduced operating torque and extended seat life for low operating pressures.
  • Valves of DN 250 and higher are provided with bottom thrust bearings
  • Valves of DN 600 and higher are provided with additional top shaft sealing and guide brush.

A real workhorse from the IV stables, the IVGK model Butterfly valve incorporates the optimum design features to provide long trouble-free service in the field. This general-purpose soft seated Butterfly valve has a fully rubber-lined single-piece body with centric disc construction and is available in wafer type body pattern.

The body liner which also functions as the soft seat comes in either a replaceable version or an integrally molded (bonded) version and offers 100 % bi-directional sealing against vacuum to rated pressure of PN10 or PN16.

The wafer style body has a universal design to fit between pipe flanges of almost all popular flange standards

Applicable Standards

General design & manufacturing API 609 category A / EN 593
Valve face to face dimensions API 609 category A / EN 593 Short wafer as per ISO 5752 Tab 5
Top flange drilling ISO 5211
Valve inspection and testing API 598 / EN 12261 Part 1EN 12266 Part 1
Flange standard conformity
  • Class 150, DIN EN 1092 – PN 6 / 10 / 16
  • JIS5K / 10K / 16K
  • BS 10 Tab D & E, IS 6392 Table 11 / 17
  • For sizes > DN650 ANME B16.47 Class 150
  • Series A / B & BS 3293 Class 150 and API 605

Technical Specifications

1. Valve type : Centric Disc Rubber Lined Butterfly valve with a single piece


2. Body type : Short wafer (IVGK)
3. Seat type : Replaceable for sizes DN 50 to
DN 600 <
PN10 rating.
Bonded seat for sizes DN 40 to DN 1200 for applicable
4. End connection : Wafer sandwiched
5. Size range : DN 40  to DN 1200
6. Pressure rating : *DN 40  to DN 600 – ASME
Class 150 (max)DN
650 to DN 1200 – PN10 (max)
7. Operating temperature range : -250 C to 2000
C (depending on MOC)
8. Seat leakage : Tight shut off
9. Operation :
Handlever up to size DN 250

Worm gear boxes for sizes from DN 40 to DN 1200

Pneumatic / Electric actuator operation-optional
10. Standard Material of Construction
Valve Body : CI / SGI / WCB / CF8 / CF8M
Valve Disc : SGI / WCB / CF8 / CF8M
Seat : EPDM / Viton / Nitrile / Neoprene
/ Hypalon / Silicon
Drive end & non drive end shafts : SS 410 / SS 316 SH / 17.4 PH

Material Diagrams

Sizes / Dimensions