IVEX-F,T,M High Performance Butterfly Valve

IVEX-F,T,M High Performance Butterfly Valve

Key Features
  • A double offset disc design with a spherical profile seat eliminates seat wear and ensures perfect sealing every time.
  • Availability of wafer lugged body with through drilled or threaded holes.
  • Available in 3 distinctly different seat versions viz. PTFE seat, Fire Safe seat, and Metal to Metal seated.
  • Self-lubricated drive end and non-drive end bearings for IVEX–T and IVEX-F models and galling free metal bearing for IVEX-M versions.
  • Stuffing box type gland sealing to enable field adjustment of shaft sealing.
  • Gland packing is standardized on graphoil rings (non-asbestos) to offer the widest operating temperature range coupled with excellent media resistance.
  • Metal seat standardized on Inconel 625 material to offer maximum temperature resistance and minimum seat deformation.
  • Option of seat material for soft seated version in virgin PTFE or filled PTFE.
  • Seat removal without disconnecting of shaft and disc.
  • A split ring type thrust pad provided for the drive end shaft prevents axial movement of the disc as well as ensures the required ‘anti-static’ feature for the valve.
  • IVEX-F model fire tested in presence of third-party agencies as per the latest version of API 607 standard.
  • The special material of construction is available optionally for specific services.
The ultimate in high performance Butterfly valves, IV’s IVEX – series incorporates the ‘state of the art’ valve technology to outperform the competition. The double offset disc design nearly eliminates the seating wear due to the camming action of the disc during closing. The mechanical stopper provided on the valve body ensures precise valve closing every time to ensure specified seat tightness. The disc has a spherical profile and comes out of contact with the seat in the initial opening itself.

The valve is available with 3 distinctly different seat design versions, viz. Soft seated, Fire safe and Metal to Metal seated with wafer or wafer lugged body option.

The valve has excellent throttling characteristics with good low flow control capability, which offers an inherently higher rangeability. This feature of the IVEX series makes them ideal for flow control / modulating duties. An adjustable gland box-type shaft sealing arrangement permits online adjustment of the packing to ensure zero leakage.

The fire-safe version, IVEX – F model has been fire tested and certified as per the requirements API 607 standard by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping & API 607 Edn. V by Bureau Veritas and TUV.

Applicable standards

General design and manufacturing
Pressure temperature rating
Valve face to face dimensions
Valve inspection and testing
Flange standard
Fire safe testing


API 609 category B
ASME B 16.34
API 609 category B / ASME B 16.10
API 598 /  FCI-70-2
ASME B 16.5 Class 150
API 607 Edn. VI

Technical Specifications

1. Construction type : Double offset Disc Design
High Performance Butterfly valve
2. Valve type & models : IVEX-F – Fire safe seat
IVEX-T – Soft seated PTFE or RPTFE seat version
IVEX-M – Metal to metal seated version
3. Body type
& end connection
: Wafer sandwiched
or Wafer lugged
4. Size range : DN 50 to DN 600
5. Seat leakage performance : Bubble tight shutoff
Class IV for IVEX-M
6. Pressure rating : ASME class 150
7. Operating temperature
: IVEX-F (Depending on MOC) -500 C to
2200 C
(Depending on MOC) -500 C to
2200 C
(Depending on MOC)
-500 C to 6000 C
8. Operation :
Handlever for sizes DN 50 to DN 150

Worm gear box for sizes DN 50 to DN 600

Pneumatic / Electric actuator operation – optional
9. Standard Material of
Construction (MOC)
Valve Body : WCB / CF8/ CF8M /
Disc : WCB / CF8/ CF8M /
Valve Seat : PTFE / Glass filled PTFE
Drive end / non drive
end shafts
: SS 410 / SS 316 SH /
17.4 PH

Material Diagrams

Sizes / Dimensions